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Aromatic Soybean Wax Candle


{ 100hr Burn }


Vintage Crown Jars with glass tops and rims. Circa 1929 to 1961. 

These beautiful glass vessels are collected + cleaned up, then respectfully reinvented with their original purpose in mind -- to fill with annual harvest and enjoy throughout the year. 




Made with 100% soybean wax, essential oils and fragrances.


Biodegradable * Sustainable Resource * GMO Free * Vegan

Locally made + ethically produced in Toronto.





Vintage Soy Candle { Quart }

  • Care for your soy candle is simple and easy requiring no special tools.

    Soywax is a soft wax that will melt into a liquid wax pool soon after being lit. The candle will burn slowly and at a relatively low temperature -- cool enough that the emollients/oils in the wax make a wonderful moisturizing treatment for dry hands and fingers.

    I love the ritual of lighting a candle because it marks the beginning of an experience. The beginning of a conversation, an evening, a snowstorm or rainy day. 

    Wooden matches are the best for lighting, and my personal preference -- but not essential. You will need long matches or a bbq lighter once your candle melts deeper into the jar.

    So, light your candle and enjoy. When you're ready, you can blow out or cover the top until extinguished. Then, let it be. 

    The next time you light your candle, with your finger, knock off the top of the wick. Where it breaks naturally is the perfect length to maintain a calm flame and long, full burn. Repeat this just before lighting each time.




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